Easy Visa for Active Armenian Youth

18Participants of Armenian Youth in Europe project has started an informational campaign aiming to eliminate impediments for providing visa to youth. ”Youth Breath” and “Armenian Progressive Youth” NGO-s are the organizers of this event.
Flash mobs are part of the campaign that was started in Lovers’ Park. From here the participants went around Greece, Italy, France embassies, forming “Easy Visa” phrase with the help of letters written on their T-shirts and calling for facilitating the process of providing visa. The organizers are going to present shot version of all flash mobs and a package with several organizations’ supporting letters to these embassies. One of the flash mobs was conducted in a very interesting way; those citizens, who supported the young activists’ idea, received their “easy visas”. The problem of these young people is that they can’t leave for Europe to take part in seminars, different youth meetings or just in short-term trainings or continue education.
We hope that this campaign will serve the purpose and Armenian active youth will have the opportunity to get their “Easy Visa”.

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