Enjoy In The EVS Challenge

From 23rd to 31th of October in the Republic of Macedonia took place a training course entitled « Enjoy in the EVS challenge » where Armenian candidates were also present.


There were also candidates from 8 other countries: Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Palestine, Spain, Serbia, Turkey and FYROM. Due to this training course we were able to enlarge our knowledge on EVS projects, to realize the pros and cons of it, to understand the key competences that we will need during our EVS process. Now we are more aware of how to act in different situations, how to overcome the challenges and difficulties in the process of doing our EVS. Besides the knowledge we had a great chance to communicate with 30 different people and get to know each other as an individual and as a representative of their countries. Traveling is a book and as much you travel as much you have read the book. And this training course was a great opportunity to read that book, to recognize the people, to get to know their culture, frame of thinking and of course to acquire more friends from different countries. I highly appreciate this kind of opportunities because I can learn many things from others by communication and cultural sharing. Now, we are ready to be a volunteer in abroad, because we have already overcome most of the challenges and are capable to choose the right destination, the right program and the right organization.

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