Explore your possibilities in Bulgaria

10723203_635494833238164_18487712_nThere is nothing more exciting and enjoyable than traveling with a friend.We’ve been traveling together and leave with foreigners. Our expectations were great and inspiring. Still in Armenia we meet with the other participant. Lovely, kind and intelligent Irena. Already having our program for nearly days, we needed to wait for our flight. Before boarding the plane, we had a long road ahead: Yerevan – Georgia, than we reached to Turkey by plane and started our adventurous trip to Bansko. After a long but at the same time interesting trip, we Armenians,not losing ourselves, suddenly 997091_639745382813109_7354204284142113645_nmet an Armenian who helped us to find our hotel.First we arrived and felt the pleasure to greet all participants. In the evening, we were so much surprised when the elevator doors opened, and we met our friend from the previous program.Road weariness had been replaced by a new, strange excitement … The 8 days of the project were full of adventures, new thoughts, ideas, friends. The program was very well organized, informative and efficient. We did sightseeing of historical city. We all were very interested in Bulgaria’s culture, history and peculiarities.

10736024_708246365925379_1087104404_nIn the last days of the program to our big team joined a beautiful and lonely cat, who was taken under the guardianship by Tatev Avetisyan and Romanian Mayruse, who named cat in honor of Tatev, Tatev 3.

P.S. The most lovely participant of the training Tatev 3 is now living in Romania. She is in reliable hands.

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