This is how our days started and finished in one of the magnificent places near the mountains of Italy and Switzerland, in the Osho Gautama center. There were representatives from 5 countries, including Armenian group with its 7 participants.


The main goal of the project was self awareness and getting into an harmony with our body and soul. We tried to reach that point by dong mediations and yoga. The honest happiness of our new friend also was a good support.

During the first day of the project, we got into “families”.  The “Family” was made of 6 participants, one from each country, and one team leader. The main goal of creating families was uniting all the nations. Each family had a name and a slogan. For instance, “5 nationalities, one mentality”. Mediations were accompanied with games, songs, dances and a lot of fun.


As we were volunteers, we also did different kinds of work, such as cleaning, collecting wood, painting the fence and etc.  As the work was done by representatives of different countries, it had an aim to unite all of them.

During the intercultural evenings, we represented our countries. Some of the countries represented their culture through national songs, dances and games. Armenian team performed an Armenian wedding with all its traditions.

IMG_4783 IMG_4780

During the week we had an hike to The Alpes. During the hiking we helped each other to overcome obstacles regardless of age, gender and nationality.

Since it was a week full of emotions and feelings, touching division was inevitable. We returned expecting to meet again.

IMG_4294 IMG_4304 IMG_437511219102_10153363030595359_2639664651056585922_n11216581_10153360429230359_3554102892235949550_n

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