Let me show you a key to success

Everything started with a long journey to Serbia. After two days on the road and nights in the airports we finally reached Belgrade. We loved Serbia from the very first moment: helpful people, beautiful city, warm atmosphere that makes you feel at home.

Participation in the project “Let me show you the key to success” was an amazing experience. Experienced organizer, good trainers and talented participants made the TC a fruitful and unforgettable one. It was a wonderful team of enthusiastic people with bright and creative ideas.



The project covered different topics concerning non-formal education, learning styles, conflict management and intercultural communications. Through different workshops, sessions, debates and games the participants learned how to be good trainers, create and implement their own projects to promote youth activism and develop their communities.

Intercultural evenings helped us to experience cross-cultural dialogue by travelling in time and space and  exploring cultures through national dances, traditional food, games and costumes.

We had a chance to explore Novi Sad, the second largest city and cultural capital of Serbia. This small cozy city with old streets, parks, restaurants and pubs and the beach was shining brightly with summer colors. Here you can enjoy city panorama from the top of the ancient fortress and experience true Serbian hospitality. We also enjoyed Belgrade, a city of extremely helpful and hospitable people, beautiful architecture, interesting museums, nice cafes and traditional restaurants with tasty food and rakija.


The project gave us new friends, connections, opportunities and ideas.

Never miss your chances to learn, communicate, travel and explore new places and cultures. Add another piece to your collection of magic moments, impressions and memories to make your life  puzzle bright and colorful.

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