Speak Out Louder

It is rather a long time I have been interested in different exchange programs by Erasmus+ and during this year I eventually have had that extraordinary chance to take my part in that kind of projects.

10634015_301446973396568_413600778980101067_oThe last project I participated in was a training course that was held in Grzybowo, Poland. The aim of the program was to inform youth people about the use of contemporary technologies in the activities of youth organizations with particular emphasis on the need of people with difficulties, to deepen mutual understanding between young people from various countries, to encourage the active participation of people with disabilities in the activities of the organization related to the promotion and communication, to develop media competence of young people as well as competences among people with disabilities etc. .DSCN9315

It opened up certain avenues for me to get acquainted with the problems of people with disabilities to participate in various activities and to expand my knowledge in a particular field. Added to this, 11 days in Poland acted as a catalyst for me to enlarge my social circle, as there were 35 amazing participants from different countries. We shared our culture and experience, explored Poland and gained sweet memories.

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