Think Greener! (Open Call)

Think Grenner (1)“Think Greener” is a multilateral training course in Yerevan, Armenia. The aim of the project is to support 30 participants in their working process with youngsters in the field of children and youth rights, connected with environment.

The main theme is water as a resource, water consume and infrastructure , plastic with it’s consume and recycling, as well as waste prevention and waste management options. The duration of the project will be 6 days and will include workshops with experts as well as local
and international professionals, discussions, intercultural evening and sightseeing by using the method of experimental learning.

The project objectives are to enlarge the participant’s knowledge about children and youth rights and that the youth workers gain their practical skills and experience about working with youngsters in the field of environmental issues, recycling methods and innovations. Furthermore the participants should be supported in finding ways of how to boost the youngsters´ awareness on environmental rights as part of human rights in
their own country. Besides during the project the participants will create a booklet with eco tips, including their experiences and learning processes, which will be printed afterwards in order to reach bigger audience and to help the youth workers make the youngsters more motivated.

ATTENTION!! Only applicants from Malta and Moldova are missing for this project. applicants from other participating countries can not be considered any more.



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