TC “Think Greener”, Yerevan, Armenia

1535470_10152101776217914_8145803858558697941_n“Think Greener” was a training course organized by Youth breath NGO which was held in Yerevan(Armenia). The participants were from Armenia, Austria, Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey and Malta. The training course was full of workshops and theoretical part which helped us to reach the aim of this project: to support participants to work with children and youth and make them to understand that we must protect our environment. During the training course all the participants were divided into flexible groups and every group has its own topics to work on. The main idea of the TC was to make a bookletfor children, so they can read and understand how it’s important to keep the environment, use less water, always turn off the lights and so on. I mostly liked the workshops about upcycling and recycling. And of course the first thing I liked in the organization of this project was that some of the workshops were organized in the city centre. That helped us to get to know the society and to understand the differences between the situation of environment in their country and in our country. International participants had more time to visit also the historical places of Yerevan and to have fun in the city. Intercultural evening also was organized very well. In my opinion the trainers also were very competent in this field and help as to reach our goal and collect all the needed information for making the booklet.

Lilit Midoyan

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