Toward Economic Empowerment of Roma Youth in Serbia

When the friendship is so strong, that from the last time people meet each other, you count the days to findĀ another project. And so we are in Belgrade, meeting the organisers on time who lead us to Kopaonik. It was not the first project, but I was looking forward to meet the participants, because there were some people I’ve already known from other project. For my friend Lusine it was the first project, and she was very excited. The next step, we are in the hotel, warm and lovely faces.

IMG_0143We were sure that the time will flow so fast and interesting at the same time. The other day seminars started. Both the topic was very interesting and organisers were doing their best to make it more interesting. We had fim screenings and a small performance concerning the topic, which widely explored the lifestyle, work and culture of Roma people. We had unforgettable days. All our expectations were fulfilled, and now we are in Armenia with new ideas and thoughts, looking forward to new projects.

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