We are the change

“We are the change” training course took place in Portoroz, Slovenia, where Narek Ktoyan and Lilit Tamamyan represented “Youth Breath” NGO. There was a multicultural and friendly team participants coming from  12 more countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Palestine, Israel, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kosovo, Spain, Romania. The aim of the project was to get to know better about Erasmus+ and its tools. There was an NGO bazaar, where all the participants had the opportunity to make a presentation on their NGOs, exchange contacts and discuss further possible cooperation.


Another opportunity was to meet new people from different cultures and backgrounds. Each day was informative and productive, each conversation with another participant from different culture was important and fruitful. As always we had an intercultural evening, where each country represented their traditional food and drinks. This intercultural evening was very special and important, as each training gives you another new idea. Our Narek created a new traditional Armenian dessert, which was really delicious and everybody liked it.


The organizers chose countries that have some problems nowadays to give the participants the chance to know each other and communicate as in daily life it is impossible. So we are thankful for learning one more time that the tolerance is the most important thing and that the future is ours and WE ARE THE CHANGE, so we can decide how and in what conditions we want to live.

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